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Various software is used to extract Teletext data from video tapes, fix corrupt pages, edit or create new pages, and display them on websites. Here's a selection of useful projects.


Alistair Buxton's vhs-teletext is the software for extracting Teletext from video tapes, as well as various tools for splitting, fixing, spell checking and even creating webpages out of the resulting capture. Requires Linux to run at its full potential with a CUDA compatible video card (Nvidia). It will run under WSL but currently CUDA is not supported in that environment. It has been known to be made to work on Windows.

Second to that would be any screen captures done on a computer with a teletext adapter. Finally, pictures of Teletext pages may be useful to manually recreate the page. See the "How to Help" link for more details.

ZXNet online Teletext editor

Visit and you will find a full-featured Teletext editor which includes import and export of various file formats and graphics overlay so you can trace images. The page is encoded right in the URL so you only have to bookmark your work to save it and it's can be easily shared to another computer. ZXNet was created by Alistair Cree online Teletext editor

Another online editor, this one written by Simon Rawles, can be found at which has a similar set of features but with a different layout.

Teletext Recovery Editor

Written by Jason Robertson, The Teletext Archeologist, the Teletext Recovery Editor is used to load in a folder which contains a stream split into individual files (with vhs-teletext). It can then be used to edit and correct any errors and then recreate a single .t42 or .t43 file. There are little to no instructions. You can use the number keyboard to edit graphics, CTRL C/CTRL V will do the usual copy and paste while CTRL L will copy the entire line you're currently on. Runs on Windows.

Teletext Player

Also written by Jason Robertson, the Teletext Player can be used to view existing .t42 files on your system. It's possible to download them or create your own stream using vhs-teletext. Teletext Player also interfaces with Teefax. This program also requires Windows.

More information on both these can be found at Teletext Archeologist Software.

Did we miss your favorite piece of software? Be sure to let us know so we can add it.

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