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The quality of extracted pages varies and depends on many factors.

These include the quality and age of the tape, how well it has been stored, whether it's been near magnetic fields, quality of the TV signal, state of the VCR recording heads, to name a few.

Extraction Cleanup

Although there are tools to assist with correcting corrupt data, there can be 500 or so pages plus sub-pages in an extraction. It's a painstaking task. While some pages are not too difficult such as news report, pages with lots of numbers or changing information such as sports scores and financial pages take a lot more work. More that is reasonable for such a project.

Submitting a Fix Request

If you come across a corrupt page and it has information that would be useful to you then feel free to request that we fix it if possible. Multiple copies of each page are stored and can be referenced to fix pages containing errors. Please try and limit your request to no more than 10 pages, including sub-pages, to keep it manageable.

Use the Contact Us page to make your request. Ensure you include the page number(s), date, time, and channel otherwise it may not be possible to fulfill your request. Also leave a valid email in case we need to get in touch.

If you would like more than 10 pages or like to have fixes done in a hurry then you can send a bribe via way of the Donate page to help move your request along.

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