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The only way to recover old Teletext information is through the generous donation or lending of tapes that may still be in good enough condition to extract the data stream. Here's how you can help.


If you have VHS tapes recorded on a UK VCR that have been well stored in their jackets and are free from mold or other damage, I'd be interested in obtaining them from you. I am in the US so would be happy to pay for postage. If you prefer, I have UK contacts who would be happy to receive your tapes. If you send them to me, I would also be happy to extract any video and return it via download, CD/DVD, or USB stick. Before sending tapes, please check out the "Sending Tapes" link on the left.


All Teletext extractions are prone to corruption due to weak signal or degraded tapes. Please let me know if you find any pages that are factually incorrect due to corruption. While it's impossible to fix all of the hundreds of pages, I'd be happy to fix major corruption on a case-by-case basis, such as the page contains a report about your favourite team, or something may be significance to you. Contact me with the channel, date, time, page and subpage and justification for the edit.

Donate .t42 files

.t42 files are those that contain the binary data that makes up one or more Teletext pages. If you have extracted a stream but don't have time to process it, or just want somewhere to display it, I'd be happy to accept any/all .t42 individual or stream files. Contact me for ways to upload your file.

Donate $ £ € ¥ . . .

Shipping tapes back and forth can get expensive. You can show your appreciation for this site and help it expand by donating to my "Tape Fund". This money can also be used to purchase tapes that are being sold online. All donations will be gratefully acknowledged online unless you prefer to remain anonymous. See the "Donate" link of the left for more details.

Web Master/Developer

As you can see, my web skills are woefully lacking. If you have time to assist in creating a useful, dynamic, functional website for my project, I'll gladly hand over the keys. Contact me for more details.

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