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Sending Tapes

I would very much appreciate the loan or donation of VHS video tapes from the UK. Before sending, however, please note the following items. Most will apply to any person you send tapes to.

  • I will gladly pay shipping to receive your tape if it's a donation. Please let me know if you would like the tape back when I'm finished with it and I'll be happy to return it.
  • It is possible for tapes to become damaged or corrupt during transport. This includes possibly being wiped due to x-ray or scanned at customs. Be sure to mark packages "Magnetic Media - Do not x-ray. Keep away from magnets. Hand inspect only". I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged tapes.
  • It is also possible for tapes to be destroyed by a tape player due to stretching or getting snagged. Tapes can be snapped or they could be in bad condition and be unreadable. While I keep my equipment well maintained, I cannot guarantee that your video will not be rendered unusable.
  • Only tapes recorded on UK PAL VCRs after 1974 and before Teletext ceased broadcasting on its respective channels however the source can be any over-the-air or satellite broadcast. If unsure, please check with me. Videos of your wedding or bar mitzvah are not of use, but if you send those I will extract the funny bits and post them on YouTube ;)
  • Extracting Teletext data doesn't require the extraction of the video. If, however, you would like me to extract any TV programs that are on the tape, I would be happy to do so as a courtesy. Files will be provided online, or sent via CD/DVD/USB stick depending on the size of the content.
  • Please don't send tapes that are physically broken, improperly stored (exposed to extreme heat, cold, dust, etc) or tapes that are visibly moldy. Also, if you know that the signal was not strong then it'd be impossible to extract data. Please use your best judgement and contact me if you're unsure.

Despite all this! If you'd like to lend or donate your old tapes for me to extract then please contact me so I can arrange to pay for the shipping.

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