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What is Teletext?

Teletext was invented in the 1970's to provide textual news and information that would be broadcast along with a regular TV signal. A special TV with a decoder could pick up the data and display pages which the user selected by keying in a 3 digit number on a keypad.

The first Teletext service started, Ceefax, run by the BBC started in 1974 followed shortly after by ITV's ORACLE service.

Ceefax is a play on the the phrase "See facts" while ORACLE is an acronym for Optional Reception of Announcements by Coded Line Electronics.

You can discover more about the Teletext service by visiting the Wikipedia Teletext link.

Want to help?

There are a number of ways you can help the project. The easiest is to loan old video tapes to people who can extract the teletext data that is recorded on them. Older tapes that are in good condition and stored well are always in demand.

Second to that would be any screen captures done on a computer with a teletext adapter. Finally, pictures of Teletext pages may be useful to manually recreate the page. See the "How to Help" link for more details.

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